Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Output Gap Continues; The Impact Of Deficit-Hawks

The difference between "no longer getting worse" and "actually returning to normal":

We stopped getting worse. We still need a serious boost -- like from reversing the austerity of recent budget years -- to get back to good. Alternatively, a large enough boost to EITC could be another way of doing that while at the same time helping mitigate our ever-rising inequality.

Speaking of the recent austerity, here's that in a picture:

Had we not implemented such budget-cutting, deficit-hawk, austerity from 2010 (by not increasing spending commensurate with population growth) and even worse after (by actually reducing government consumption expenditures and gross investment), that alone would have at least had us significantly closer to potential by now. In other words, we'd have had more of a recovery.

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