Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Now is the Key Time to Invest in Infrastructure

From Now is the Key Time to Invest in Infrastructure,
"The report he referenced, published on Friday by the Treasury Department with the Council of Economic Advisers, found that right now is the key time to invest in infrastructure to create middle-class jobs, increase our long-term competiveness, and support a more secure energy future. Unemployment among construction workers stands at over 17 percent right now and has averaged 15.6 percent for the past twelve months. Overall, the unemployment rate among those expected to gain jobs from investment in infrastructure has averaged approximately 13 percent over the past twelve months.  These investments create middle-class jobs – 80 percent of the jobs created are in the construction sector, the manufacturing sector, and the retail and wholesale trade sectors – where nearly 90 percent of the jobs have middle-class wages."

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