Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rewarding misbehavior?

I have to wonder, what does President Obama do when his children throw tantrums?

Following the official GOP tantrum in the Senate, "we'll continue blocking everything unless you give more cash to the wealthy", I expected their next move would be to lay down on the Senate floor and flail their arms when Reid insisted on dealing with things that actually make sense.  But no, apparently President Obama couldn't stand the screaming and crying and offered them a pony, a saddle, riding lessons, and a nice new hat if they'd just stop crying so he could concentrate on writing out a check to cover the interest on their previous gifts.  It seems the Republican's next move was to call their friends to revel in how well the tantrum worked.

But there's still the 111th Congress.  Maybe they'll realize there are better uses for all that money.  Maybe they're the kind of people who would hold out through the tantrum instead of blowing the kid's college fund to appease them for a few minutes.

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