Friday, July 20, 2012

On Dodd-Frank, Prominent Republican Appears Unaware Her Own Party Is Actively Blocking It

When the headline news on various financial pages is Sheila Bair attacking the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act and asking why nothing is fixed, one must wonder why a prominent Republican would be unaware of her own party's massive efforts to obstruct, delay, defund, defang, and generally stifle every bit of Dodd-Frank.

Why isn't it fixed, Mrs. Bair? Could the true answer be that your party has made a concerted effort to stand in the way of the fix? Could the true answer be that Dodd-Frank, while it's imperfect, might have had much more positive impact if it had been properly funded and supported by the Republican House?

Mrs. Bair, haven't you noticed all those Republican efforts to hobble Dodd-Frank? Mrs. Bair, are you completely unaware of what your party is doing? Or is this yet another instance of Republicans feigning ignorance of the real reasons being their own actions in order to attack the other party for what they themselves caused? Is this yet another instance of engineering failure in order to have something to blame on someone else?

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