Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clinton's Convention Speech in Images

On the argument for President Obama's reelection:

President Clinton: "I like the argument for President Obama's reelection a lot better. Here it is. He inherited a deeply damaged economy. He put a floor under the crash. He began the long, hard road to recovery and laid the foundation for a modern, more well balanced economy that will produce millions of good new jobs, vibrant new businesses, and lots of new wealth for innovators."

Are we doing better than that today?

President Clinton: "When President Barack Obama took office, the economy was in free fall. It had just shrunk 9.4% of GDP. We were losing 750,000 jobs a month. Are we doing better than that today? The answer is yes."

Job scoring:

President Clinton: "Here's another job score: President Obama plus 4.5 million; Congressional Republicans zero"

Republican economic policies:

Clinton: "Republican economic policies quadrupled the debt in the 12 years before I took office and doubled the debt in the 8 years after I left."


President Clinton: "We simply can't afford to give the reigns to someone who will double-down on trickle down."

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